Respite Day or Night

The Gardens, Beth Haven’s special care dementia unit, offers day care and now a unique overnight twilight care program. The programs are for community-based individuals with dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. These may be individuals suffering from “sundowner’s syndrome” or may need supervision during the night. For the caregiver these programs provide peace of mind while they attend to personal matters or get a restful night’s sleep, knowing their loved one is well taken care of and in good hands: participating in a supervised caring environment.

The program provides the offerings of a traditional adult daycare program, offering a variety of activities, overseen by a Recreational Therapist, including music and therapeutic movement, exercises, reading, discussion and reminiscence therapies, inter-generational activities and special events. Every effort is made to meet the unique needs of the individuals. The overnight twilight program caters to the confusion and sleeplessness some may encounter. The twilight program is available from Sunday night through Thursday night. A bed and/or reclining chair is available for those who wish to rest or sleep, the program does not have forced resting periods.

Nurses oversee the provision of health-related services, including monitoring and education, medication administration, personal care including grooming, showering and toileting and skin care. The program offers a nutritious meal and snacks, meals are prepared in the kitchen of the nursing home.

After breakfast our van will bring the individual participant to their home, most participant’s come home to a caregiver or aide who cares for them during the day.


  1. Need a current physical list of medications, signed by the attending Physician.
  2. Need Physicians orders for anything given, or any service provided.
    • We cannot administer anything we do not have current signed orders for.
  3. All meds we are asked to give must be in an original container.
  4. Individual must be dressed appropriately for the time they are here.
  5. Need a change of clothing with them or at the facility.
    • All soiled clothing will be taken home.
  6. We need to know at least 1 day in advance of hours needed.
  7. If the individual is at Beth Haven over meal time or snack time it will be offered.
  8. We will provide a recliner for each individual to rest in. Overnight we will provide a bed.
  9. We will notify family of significant events and will answer questions.
    • We will not routinely contact physician; we will do so secondarily at the request of family, but will not take orders.
    • We will contact the Marion County Ambulance in an emergency situation.
  10. We provide transportation home in the morning following an overnight stay and for outings other residents are going on.
  11. We will not provide care for individuals who are resistive to care, combative or a danger to themselves or others.
  12. We will provide only the following 4 diets: regular, low concentrated sweets, no salt added and mechanically altered.
  13. All needed supplies must be provided.
  14. Individuals must be signed in and out every day by individuals authorized.
    • The authorized list must be in writing.
  15. We must have contact information with a secondary contact, to utilize in an emergency situation.
  16. They need to be ambulatory.